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Ink Colour Meets All Your Needs for Lexmark Printer Ink

Ink Colour is among the foremost names for Lexmark ink cartridges in the United Kingdom. Our devotion to quality and customer service sets us apart. Each purchase you make with us is backed by our 100% no-risk money back guarantee. In the event your purchase is not completely satisfactory, we will be glad to refund your money.

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Cheap Lexmark Ink Cartridges

Selecting Lexmark Printer Ink and Lexmark Printer Cartridges

Lexmark is a rather unique company and the supplier of choice for many who consider themselves printing enthusiasts. Lexmark focuses entirely upon printing, so you can be sure your Lexmark Inkjet cartridges are of the highest quality. Although you will not find anything like a Lexmark desktop or laptop computer, the company's singular focus has led to its printers gaining a reputation for excellence.

That means that they not only print quickly and clearly, but also tend to last longer without requiring any servicing. Lexmark printers are defined by their craftsmanship and are built to last through intensive use. If you are interested in learning more about the company, you may wish to peruse the history of Lexmark


Lexmark Ink Cartridges Compared: About Lexmark Pro Ink

Lexmark Pro ink is exclusively for Lexmark Pro model printers. These printers are known to compete well with Hewlett-Packard printers in terms of their use in the world of business. The Pro line is also distinguished by its "Eco Mode" printing, which allows you to save on your energy usage while printing on both sides of the sheet automatically.

Lexmark Pro ink is frequently used to print business cards, and the printer itself is helpful in this regard. Many Lexmark Pro printers allow you to quickly scan colleagues' business cards to import information to your contact management software. For interesting information on maximizing the value of your business cards, including guidelines for their design and use, you can consult this guide


Lexmark Ink Cartridges Compared: On Lexmark X Ink

Lexmark X Ink Cartridges is used in Lexmark X printers -- Lexmark's much-lauded entry into the crowded world of multifunction printers. An owner must be cautious to ensure that he or she purchases the Lexmark X ink intended for their particular model. A Lexmark X printer tends to be more expensive than some of the alternatives from other brands and may also be somewhat larger. In the eyes of many customers, however, it makes up for this with its remarkable speed and ability to print many more pages on a single cartridge than comparable offerings from other companies. These multifunction printers make use of colour or monochrome ink and use a high speed USB cable for direct connection to one's PC -- the cable is often included.


The Lexmark Recycle Ink Programme

Like many other companies that offer printers, Lexmark has a recycling scheme known as the Lexmark Printer Ink Cartridges Collection Programme, more informally called the Lexmark Recycle Ink Programme. Separate schemes are in place when you wish to recycle ink or toner. In either case, you must order a free recycling bag that will be sent to your home or place of business. The recycling bag is provided by a third-party vendor on Lexmark's behalf.

You may visit Kuehne and Nagel for Lexmark Recycle Ink cartridge collection bags in the United Kingdom. To return a laser cartridge, you can visit the Lexmark site directly to get a free shipping label that will permit you to make the return by post. If you travel, be aware that the scheme may be different in other countries.

To learn about managing the environmental impact of printing, visit gov.UK


Buy Your Lexmark Ink Cartridges Now

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